Crazy Time Game

Crazy Time is an interesting and exciting game. Many casinos offer to plunge into the world of crazy game. At the center of the game is the Dream Catcher wheel. The action takes place in a studio.

Features of the game:

  • Four bonus rounds;
  • In each round you are allowed to add multipliers.

A friendly host comments on what is happening in the studio. She starts the drum. The wheel spins very quickly. At one point it stops near a number or sign of the bonus program. The bonus round is signed and marked with round icons of different colors.

Above the wheel is attached a large monitor. The pictures in it rotate as fast. It demonstrates the multiplier in the game.

You can connect to the game in real time. You do not have to play right away. It is enough just to observe the process. Evaluate the frequency of winnings.

Published statistics for the last hours of the game with the indication of the winning bets. Each rotation is displayed (time, rolled symbol, winnings, multiplier).

The green color symbol "Crazy Time" provides the most number of winnings.

Game rules

The player is given a certain amount of time to make a bet.

  • Minimum bet: 0.10 cents.
  • Maximum bet: 5000 pounds.

RTP is 96.08%. The choice of bet lasts for 15 seconds. The master spins the wheel. Next to spin a unique top slot. Bets are placed on any of the segments. Expert recommend betting on each of the elements of the playing field.

There are different strategies of games.


Main tour

The Top Slot and the reel wheel rotate on the screen. The player is automatically assigned a bet. Either a number is chosen from the offered ones. Or the player is offered a bonus game.

The drum spins and stops at any time. In the game there may be different situations:

  1. Made bet and the multiplier coincide.
  2. The multiplier is added to the bet.
The multiplier increases the bet by the number or multiplier in the bonus round.

Crazy Time guarantees a win for each participant. Immerses in the gambling world of games.

Unique upper slot

The top slot is a special part of the game. It is located on top of the spinning wheel. It consists of:

  • 2 reels;
  • 1 payline.

The first reel is designed to accept bets. The bet can be of two kinds:

  • number;
  • bonus game.

The second reel demonstrates the multiplier. The value of the multiplier increases up to 50 times if the bet on the reel falls out.

Bonus tours

Players place a bet. If the reel stops at the place of the bonus game, all players participate in the bonus round. The rest of the players only watch the game.
Crazy Time has prepared exclusive bonus games for gamers. A total of 4 games:
  1. Cash Hunt;
  2. Pachinko;
  3. Coin Flip;
  4. Crazy Time.
Each game has its own features and differences. Players make bets on certain numbers: 1,2,5,10. They win multipliers or bonus games.

Approximately every 7 rotations of the reel a bonus game falls.

The most profitable are considered two bonus games - Pachinko and Crazy Time. In them the multiplier is decently doubled.

Cash Hunt

In the center of the screen appears a virtual large equipped shooting gallery. A certain number of multipliers is provided - 108 pieces. They are hidden from the player and arranged in a chaotic order. 

The aim of the game is to shoot at any multiplier. 

The rules of the round are as follows:

  • The gamer chooses a multiplier.
  • The shot is made automatically.

After the shot, a timer with a countdown starts. On the screen appears cannon. It and makes a shot at the target. The gamer is shown the winnings multiplier.

Multiplier always appears after the shot. But each time the numbers change. It is impossible to predict the multiplier.



A wall with many pegs appears on the screen. The game has a leader. The algorithm is as follows:

  • The presenter throws the puck.
  • When the puck touches the wall, the multiplier value opens.
  • The player gets his multiplier.

Bonuses in the game are double the value for pucks. In this case, all multipliers are increased. The puck is thrown repeatedly. It is impossible to win nothing in the bonus round. The puck will be reset to the winning value.


Coin Flip

Coins of different colors appear in the game:

  • red;
  • blue.

The player tosses a coin. Two multipliers are automatically generated:

  • For the blue coin;
  • For the red coin.

Coin falls. The player is shown the winning side. Depending on this he takes the multiplier.


Crazy Time

A closed red door appears on the screen. Before entering, the gamer is asked to choose one of the clappers:

  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • green.

Behind the door the presenter spins a wheel. After the drum stops, the clapper is directed to the multiplier. If a player has previously chosen the same color, he takes part in the round. If not, he skips the round. Several developments of events are assumed:

  • Single multiplier. The player takes the bonus.
  • Double multiplier. Multipliers are doubled.
  • Triple multiplier. The value of the multipliers increases by three times.

Again starts the rotation of the wheel. The procedure is performed many times. The tour is completed when the maximum maximum is reached (20,000 times).

Game exclusivity

Developer Evolution Gaming spent a year producing the game. Crazy Time has become one of the most expensive projects. This is primarily due to the various integrated applications and programs.

The test period of the game showed a high interest. Evolution Gaming used different technologies in one game:

  • video slots;
  • random number generation;
  • Inserts from video games.

Graphics of the game is bright and colorful. The gamer is virtually transported to the game room thanks to the elements of the mesmerizing show.

How to start playing

To start the game, you must first choose a casino. In a gambling establishment, the fastest way to find a game is in the Live games section. Most often, only registered casino users can play games with live dealers.

To play, you need to make a deposit. Each casino sets its own minimum deposit to play.