How to win at Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game for online casinos. Betting is done in real time. You can connect to the broadcast at any time. The game is considered profitable. The possibility of winning is high. Although often fall out and losing elements. The symbol "Crazy Time" provides the largest multiplier. Exactly working winning combinations can not be in any game. But some guidelines do help to win many times in a row or choose the most profitable multipliers.

The numbers in the game are tied to the ratio between bets and winnings.

Numbers Winning
1 1:1
2 2:1
5 5:1
10 10:1

The RTP of the game is 96.08%. This is not a fixed figure. Crazy Time is a real-time game. Because of this, RTP can vary depending on the course of the game, gamers' bets.


Choose bonus segments

Do not make big bets on one segment. Split the available amount into several and make a lot of small bets on different elements of the game drum. Try to bet simultaneously on numbers and bonus rounds.

Apply the "Ladder to the Numbers" method

Theoretically, the numbers should fall out more often than the bonus rounds. The technique of betting is as follows:

  • If you lose, double the bet and bet again on the numbers.
  • In case of winning the next bet should match the original one.

There are peculiarities of how you should bet:

  • number 1 - bet the most of the money;
  • number 2 - bet twice less sum from the specified above;
  • number 5 - the sum should be 5 times less of the total;
  • number 10 - the amount should be 10 times less of the total.

This scheme guarantees payback for each number, regardless of which one comes up.

Set a limit on the game

It is important to immediately determine the amount to play. Losing the entire amount should not affect a person's standard of living in any way. As soon as the money runs out, the game must be ended. Do not go into an uncontrolled state of gambling. 

Use the "Want It All" strategy

Bets are placed on all elements of the game drum at once. The outcome of events are of two kinds:

  • Numbers fall out - the player gets a lot of money.
  • The bonus round appears - the gamer's income increases.

In either case, the participant remains in the winnings. It is assumed that more often the numbers will appear on the playing drum. Such bets bring more money.

The resulting profits will cover the lost bets. The strategy allows you to make a lot of bets. Prolonging the game guarantees winning the most profitable symbol "Crazy Time".


Hunt for bonuses

The strategy of the method is to bet only on bonus rounds. RTP in this game is 94.92%. The game is characterized by instability. Before the appearance of the bonus round, there may be a lot of losses. You will have to play more than once in minus or zero. But the winnings can cover all the losses.

The strategy is suitable for more gambling people. With a small game budget is not worth the risk of playing by this technique.

There are a lot of strategies. Each player chooses the more acceptable for himself. It is possible to apply several methods of winning.